by SteveRavenAdmin

About Raven Sky Productions Ltd

Daniel is a First Nations artist who is trained in the European discipline of fine arts. Daniel has worked in community film. He is featured in a short documentary film (2017). He has also worked in the helping field for the past 23 years as a counselor to Indigenous people.
"My journey in traditional fine arts training has led to the serendipitous reawakening of my Indigenous identity and re-connection with my ancestral lineage. In the awareness I have come to know liminal space as and exploration where all transformation takes place, and where I learned to wait and let it form me."

Through Daniel's art and with David Malysheff of Gamut Productions, they have been collaborating since 2017; recognizing the critically important connection by creating a parallel partnership. This shared intention embodies the very foundation of Reconciliation in Film. By sharing and combining different expertise, a path forward is created by demonstrating a collective path to reconciliation.

The artist and cultural expertise from Daniel and 40 years of camera magic from David can extol the veracity of indigenous film through
Raven Sky Productions Ltd.
(Conciliation: to resolve and move forward in a positive way, through peace and harmony, ending strife)